Dedicated paediatric spinal care, offering precise diagnosis and tailored interventions for developing spines.


About the service

At SPINECARE, we understand the unique needs of paediatric patients and their developing spines. Our paediatric spinal care service focuses on providing accurate diagnosis and tailored interventions to treat various spinal conditions in children and adolescents.

Paediatric spinal issues may stem from congenital conditions, developmental abnormalities, injury, or disease. Each of these conditions demands a different approach, one that considers young bodies' growth and development. We provide specialised treatments that accommodate this growth, ensuring the best outcomes for our young patients.

Our service offers a comprehensive array of treatment strategies, ranging from conservative care to advanced surgical procedures when necessary.

Equally important, we take a collaborative approach to care. Our team works closely with families, helping you understand your child's condition, the available treatment options, and how to best support your child during this journey. Our ultimate aim is to ensure your child's comfort, enhance their mobility, and allow them to lead a healthy, active life.

While Mr Karpe can see paediatric spinal patients in private, the surgeries for paediatric scoliosis are done only in an NHS setup. He performs these surgeries at James Cook University Hospital, where there is a High Dependency backup and other equipment needed during the procedure.